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Emotional Wellness Matters is a four-page personalized newsletter which will be sent to you in bulk every other month, or sent to you via email as a web ready PDF or pre-formatted HTML – and which you, in turn, can forward to clients, former clients, professional referral sources, and other people in the community.

  • Your individual or group photograph, along with your practice information, are featured prominently on the front page of every issue, and can be updated as your practice changes.
  • You can update the content of your front page personalized imprint whenever you choose, making it relevant to specific issues or announcements regarding your practice, like workshops or therapy groups you are giving.
  •  It is your tool to strengthen your public image — and encourage contacts and referrals.

Thoughts and Feelings (...about psychotherapy) — A Blog

The Primitive State of Psychotherapy


Psychotherapy, at this stage of its development, is fairly primitive. Throughout human history it’s been a guessing game, and the game has involved trying to determine what sorts of human aberrations (or call them differences) we can live with in everyday life versus what measures we need to take to quell these differences. And the quelling has been extreme at times … trephinated skulls, ice baths, isolation from the community (madhouses), lobotomies, electrical interventions to the brain, and today we favor drugs. Continue Reading →