About Emotional Wellness Matters


Emotional Wellness Matters is a professionally written and produced newsletter designed to enhance your private practice. It can be used as a way to disseminate therapy information to the community and distribute information about you and your practice to prospective clients and referral sources. As such, it is an excellent way of marketing your private therapy practice. Many of our subscribers verify that it is the best form of advertising they have ever used for their practices. Many therapists know that they don’t have the time to write their own newsletter, although they can see the value of doing so. EWM provides high quality writing in an attractive graphics format on topics which will interest your clients, prospective clients, and to those who can make referrals to you.

But it is more than a marketing tool. It’s a way to bring your practice to life. The topics give you and your clients ideas to explore in sessions. When it is sent out to the broader community, others are impressed with the concepts and way they are presented. It helps you become well known in the community. You can give talks to groups and pass out the newsletter. The talks you give can even be on the topic of the newsletter you distribute. You become something of a celebrity in the community so that others will want to network with you and refer people to you. Hundreds of therapists in private practice over the years have let us know that this works, and it works for them in a very effective way.

Emotional Wellness Matters has been providing services to the professional therapy community in the United States and Canada for over twenty years. Many of our subscribers order not only the current issue, which comes out once every other month, but also our back issues. Click on the “Back Issues” tab to see if there is a topic that interests you, and just contact us to order any of these topics.

We used to offer only the hardcopy version of EWM, but, keeping up with the times, we now produce online versions that you can use to send out as emails or to post to your website as a valuable resource that keeps viewers returning for more information. We offer a web-ready PDF version, a printable PDF version that you can use to print as many copies of the newsletter as you want, an HTML version for website inclusion, and an attractive JPG variation that you can send out as an email (readers just click on the JPG photo, which is an image of the first page of the current issue, and they are taken right to your website). We also offer you a text-only version in case you want to design your own newsletter.

All of the content for Emotional Wellness Matters has been written by Robert B. Simmonds, Ph.D.

bob-simmonds_portRobert B. Simmonds, Ph.D., Editor
Emotional Wellness Matters

Bob Simmonds has written and organized EWM since its inception in September, 1993. Bob spent the first part of his doctoral career as a tenure professor at the State University of New York after receiving his Ph.D. in social psychology. He did his postdoctoral training at George Washington University in D.C., along with an internship at Georgetown University. Then he went into private practice in San Diego specializing in men’s issues, professional’s issues, life transitions, relationship therapy, chronic mental illness, depression, PTSD, and anxiety.