How It Works


Emotional Wellness Matters is committed to providing a way for you to reach out to the community. As a therapist in private practice, you know that it is difficult to spend time in the community networking because this can take away from your client hours – and the price we pay is often a sense of isolation from what happens outside of our offices (and this is where referrals occur). You need to let the world out there know that your service projects a feeling of integrity, confidence, credibility, and professionalism. Our greatest strengths as therapists include our warmth, genuineness, and ability to relate to the inner concerns of people. Emotional Wellness Matters is designed to help you share these qualities outside your office with the broader community.

The Benefits to You

EWM is designed as a quality publication written professionally by a licensed psychologist on topics of interest to the reader. We have helped hundreds, if not thousands, of therapists since 1993. More than the psychoeducational benefits of sharing a newsletter, EWM projects the tone of how a therapist approaches issues, our insights, our emotional tenor. The topics can provide insights that can be explored in therapy sessions with your current clients, and when the newsletter goes out to the community at large, many potential clients will resonate with the content of the topics and want to come in to work with you. Many of our subscribers see EWM as essential to the work they do in private practice.

Education to the Community
Distributing newsletters provides an opportunity to disseminate psychoeducational material to the community. This is compatible with your professional ethical obligations and is a genuine public service. This in turn enhances your professional credibility and gives you a marketing edge over other therapists who do not do this.

A Way to Stay in Continuing Contact with Clients
Sending out the newsletter carries the implicit message that you care and are concerned about maintaining an ongoing relationship with your clients. By sending out the newsletter, you can stay active in the lives of clients (current, inactive and former clients) when they receive the newsletter on an ongoing basis. This increases the probability that they will return to you and refer their friends to you. (Your best source of referrals is your clients.)

Increase Your Exposure in the Community
Newsletters can increase your exposure in the community. The design of EWM presents your color photograph on the front page, along with your biographical information, with high visual impact. People want to know what their therapist looks like before coming in for the first time. You can include a copy of the newsletter in a packet of intake and informational materials that you give or mail to first-time clients. When you send the newsletter out to other professionals (like doctors, attorneys, and other referral sources), they will feel that they already know you on a certain level – and this increases the chances of referrals from them. (Note: newsletters are effective as an advertising method, but they work best over time – it may take a few months before a reader is converted to a referral source.) Because of your increased exposure in the community, you may have more opportunities for public speaking engagements and media exposure. And if you do speak in public, handing out the newsletters to the audience is an effective way of keeping your name and contact information in peoples’ minds – they may throw out your business card or brochure, but not a newsletter with information that’s valuable to them.

Low Cost
The cost of the newsletters is low compared with other forms of advertising, and it qualifies as a tax-deductible business expense. One or two client hours can pay for a two-month supply of newsletters – and the rewards to your practice are immense. It more than pays for itself in just a short time.

What Our Current Subscribers Say

EWM has been in business since September, 1993, and has cultivated a group of loyal subscribers, many of whom have been receiving EWM for years. They have come to depend on it for the growth and maintenance of their practices. We distribute the newsletter to therapists (mostly marriage and family therapists, licensed professional counselors, clinical social workers, psychologists, along with a few psychiatrists) across the U.S. and Canada.

Current subscribers tell us that their practices have regenerated since they started sending out newsletters. Former clients, as well as their friends, are walking in the door again. Exposure in the community has increased the number of referrals our subscribers have received from other professionals and agencies. We have often been told that sending out a newsletter is a therapist’s most cost-effective form of advertising. Our current subscribers really love this newsletter – they like its quality and the relevance of the articles to the lives and concerns of their clients.

The Procedure for Getting Started

  • When we receive your bio information and photo, we will design your imprint and then send you a proof copy for your approval. All of this can be done by email.
  • Once we receive your approval on the proof, your newsletter will be ready for us to send to you via email or ready for us to print if you have chosen that version.
  • You can change your imprint information or photo as often as you like without an additional charge.
  • You can easily skip an issue or change the quantity you would like by sending us an email or giving us a call three weeks before we print the forthcoming issue.

Robert B. Simmonds, Ph.D.,
Editor, Emotional Wellness Matters