Printable PDF Version – $90 per issue

You can print an unlimited number of copies of each issue on your own printer (it helps to have a color printer). It’s exactly like the hardcopy version and includes your information in the imprint box and your return address on the back for mailing or distributing to clients and referral sources in the community.

The Web-Friendly PDF Version – $90 per issue

This version is identical to the hardcopy version with graphics, imprint, photo, and return address. It is designed for posting to your website, and you may want to send it our as an email to your recipients or send it out with a link to your website to drive traffic to your website.

The HTML Version – $90 per issue

The HTML version is preformatted with your photo and imprint information. It is appropriate if you want to send out your newsletter directly on the internet to email recipients. (HTML allows for a fast download time for recipients.) Another feature of this choice is that it can be integrated into the menu system on your site.

The Text-Only Version – $70 per issue

This version is appropriate for those who publish their own newsletter and would prefer not to do the writing themselves. This version is plain text – without graphics, color, layout, or your imprint. You may want to post the text-only version to your website without graphics or color.

The Hardcopy Printed Version – See prices below

The printed newsletters are sent to you boxed every other month. These are on high-quality paper, are folded in half, and are in full color with graphics, your imprint, and your return address on the back page. The hardcopy version is appropriate for distributing to clients and referral sources in the community (it represents something of value so that recipients are likely to keep the newsletter and have a convenient way of contacting you).

Quantity Price* Price per Copy
50 $55.00 $1.10
100 $105.00 $1.05
200 $190.00 $.95
300 $255.00 $.85
400 $300.00 $.75
500 $325.00 $.65

You can order any quantity you want. Contact us for prices.

*Plus Shipping and Handling. Overseas shipments reflect costs for shipping to various countries.