“Thank you so much for the Emotional Wellness Matters newsletters. What a great way for me to advertise.”
– J.N., New York, NY

“Oh my God — that newsletter looks phenomenal. I love how the newsletter is so professionally written — and the layout of my information. Wow. I know I will get lots of referrals with the newsletter, absolutely worth every dollar. Your service is also exceptional. Thank you for being so prompt and very customer oriented.”
– S.M., St. Louis, MO

Thanks for the great quality and the additional notes about practice promotion and management. It helps to know that there are kindred spirits who want to restore respectability and value to our profession.
— Ken R., Houston, TX

I am so impressed with how well it is written and how positively it is received by my clients — the response is overwhelming. Thank you for offering a helpful and valuable marketing tool.
— Meg K., San Jose, CA

Thanks for the great newsletters. They are the most effective advertising tool I’ve ever utilized.
— Ellen S., Boca Raton, FL

Thank you for the great job you do in preparation and writing of EWM. For me it has been a wonderful tool both in maintaining contact with my former patients and as a super marketing vehicle which I use in several ways. I often receive appointment calls from patients of “long ago” who I believe are reminded to return to me because of this regular contact I have with them.
— Catie T., Thousand Oaks, CA

I’ve had such “rave reviews” since I started using EWM!
— Robin S., Spartanburg, SC

I want to compliment you on your excellent publication and let you know that I also appreciate the letter you enclose. I have found your topics well written, timely and creative. I enjoy doing business with you.
— Vanessa B., Encino, CA

Thanks for your good work. I continue to get great responses from my newsletters! It has definitely been great for building my practice. My practice is full, due, in part, to the newsletter!
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My clients really like your newsletters. They are informative and a good marketing tool for my practice. I have to explain to people that I didn’t write them myself.
— Enod G., Houston, TX

EWM is a wonderful publication. I leave copies behind on my monthly EAP site visits, include a copy with client statements, and provide copies to physicians who refer…as well as tucking a copy in the marketing materials I send out when new clients call for information regarding my practice. Do consider going monthly at some point in the future — it’s a great service! Thanks for a quality product.
— Paula H., Chicago, IL

I’m very pleased with my participation in EWM. The topics are so timely and informative. My clients, I find, look forward to each issue. Keep up the good work.
— Kay Z., Laguna Niguel, CA

I wanted to give you some feedback on the last issue of EWM. One person called me and went for ten minutes on how this issue spoke to her because she had just had a “falling out” with a friend and couldn’t understand why she was experiencing what she has been going through. “This newsletter spoke to me.”
— Tricia J., Beverly Hills, CA

Thanks for all your research you do for each newsletter, for wrapping words around it, putting it into an attractive format, and sending it all out in a neat little package. It’s wonderful.
— Mikki B., Concord, CA

Thank you for providing such an excellent resource. My patients have repeatedly remarked about how they have appreciated the articles. I add a center sheet to further personalize the newsletter.
— Jeffrey K., Palo Alto, CA

The newsletter is always great. Such a fantastic marketing tool. It’s paid for itself tenfold.
— Debra V., Santa Ana, CA